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Young animals are highly susceptible to various stressors, including bacterial diseases, resultingcompromised growth performance and high mortality [1]. Antibiotics have long been used atsub-therapeutical levels in poultry, dairy and aquaculture diets for better growth performance.

However, the use of antibiotics as growth promoters in animal feed is becominglimited due to increased public concerns over the spread of antibiotic resistance in zoonotic bacterialpathogens, which poses a threat to public health. There have been a significantly increased number ofstudies focused on searching alternatives to antibiotics with similar antimicrobial and growth-promotingeffects without inducing bacterial resistance and potential side effects to animals.

Phytogenic compounds are defined as plant-derived natural bioactive compounds with positiveeffects on animal growth and health, and are often applied to essential oils (EOs), botanicals and herbalextracts.

The potential benefits of using phytogenics in livestock nutrition are:

  • Increased feed intake
  • Stimulation of digestion
  • Increased growth performance
  • Reduced incidence of diarrhoea
  • Increased performance parameters
  • Improved reproductive parameters
  • Improved feed efficiency- higher profitability


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