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Minerals are inorganic elements found in small amounts in the body. Inorganic means that the substance does not contain carbon. To prevent mineral deficiencies, minerals are included in livestock feed rations and are provided through free access to mineral and salt blocks. Mineral deficiencies can result in poor weight gain, poor feed efficiency, and poor reproductive traits. Minerals are classified as macrominerals or microminerals.

Why are minerals necessary?

Minerals provide the essential nutrients animals need for metabolic functions such as growth and development, immunity and reproduction. Even moderate deficiencies can adversely impact animal performance.

Why choose us?

  • Quality raw materials – Pristine Animal Nutrition always uses only high-quality raw materials.
  • Heavy metals – Are constantly monitored as per the required industry standards.
  • Carrier source – Good quality (highly reactive) carrier sources for an effective reaction process are used.
  • Controlled production process – The production process is of a chemical nature. The control of the reaction is critical in forming high-quality products. Factors such as the type of raw materials, reaction conditions (pressure temperature, moisture, etc.), supervision and control are important.
  • Effective quality monitoring – Pristine has a NABL accredited laboratory at the production plant that performs product analysis 24 hours per day. Quality assurance is therefore guaranteed.
  • Animal studies – Animal studies was performed to obtain useful values for feed formulations. Pristine keeps updating its data as per the current industry performance.
  • Make a Choice! – Ensure that feed premixes of a consistently high quality of a company such as Pristine Animal Nutrition, are used. Obtain peace of mind that what is presented in the bag guarantees quality and will ensure consistently high production performance. Do not compromise on quality that can have a detrimental effect on the short- and long-term performance of your animals!


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